Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment Service

Partner with the team at Bybee Electric to repair, service, or install all of your commercial kitchen cooking equipment needs.

• Friendly and knowledgeable service technicians
• Schedule directly with a service technician
• Preventive maintenance
• 24/7 – 365 days a year
• Same day shipping on all parts
• Service contracts
• Equipment installation
Among the increasing challenges you face, the team at Bybee Electric can help you do more with less. Your success is our top priority. We can get you up and running fast with our emergency response time and reduce your cost of operations.

Preventive Maintenance – As a business owner, manager, or chef, you take pride in maintaining a safe kitchen that runs smoothly from shift to shift. However, an unexpected breakdown can put a dent in your kitchen’s productivity. To prevent inconvenient breakdowns that cost you time, money, and happy customers, regular preventative maintenance is a must! With Bybee Electric, we can partner and tailor a preventative maintenance program to meet your needs.

We service all brands of:

• Ovens
• Grills
• Fryers
• Steam Tables
• Steam Cabinets
• Boilers
• Proofers
• Warming Cabinets
• Mixers
• And so much more !